Seth Isander  
Musique Adresse: Paris XIV'me
Paris Tel
N Stockholm  

Paris, Jardin du Luxembourg
Februari 2003

Herrarna spelar den franska national-sporten "Boule", som ven kallas
"Petanque" i Provence.

Denna sport r den enda sporten dr de dla gamla Provence-dryckerna "Ricard", o "Pastis" tillhr reglerna.....!

Seth Isander, Frankrike

Provence, France, September, 2003, The bay of Saint Tropez..... "Life is like a desert flower.....burning in the sun......."

Seth Isander


"Sommar-morgon frn fnster", hemma......Seth, 2008.

Pour mon cher Cousin Valter, et ma chre cousine Ann.


vid Canal Saint Martin

Paris 2008

A la maison en France

...."I don't know where I come from .... I just keep moving on".....

Seth, France, 2008



"Vit sand-Svart natt"

O lngs med den vida stranden
O i den vita sanden
Tar jag din hand
O vandrar vi till hamnen....

...O lngs Vitemllas strnder e skrivet i sanden....
...I den vita sanden....
...Genom rosenprydda grnder

...Vandrar vi i sanden...
...Uppfr Brsarps backar...
...Vandrar vi i natten...
...Ned mot oknda vatten....

...O upp p Sders hjder...
...ut i Stockholmsnatten...
...Mot sista styvens trappor...
...o de desperata skratten...

...Tar jag din hand...
...Lt oss vandra igen.........

Av Seth Isander, fr Robert Isander.
Text o sng; Seth Isander, sommar 2002, sterlen, Sverige
Publicerat av Valter Isander 30 november 2008.

Bild av Robert Isander, senare 1970-tal, efter koncert med Seth  Isander, Stockholm.

Jul en jul

"Man bryter genom barrikaderna o flyr frn Jul-Neuroserna o ngestfrossandet"

"Stop Shopping.....Keep Loving......"

Montmartre, Paris
foto Seth Isander


"As I was born, and as I grew up far up north, in the Northern Europe, Stockholm, I allways had the impression that I came from the middle of no-where, the summers were short and pretty warm, and the
winters really cold and dark, and long"

"Nobody up there would really stick up, nor become a rebel, or make a revolution, cause the cold and long winters won't really help"'s more like a.....silent war...."

"Grewing up there I didn't really fit, I had the firm impression that I didn't really belong..."
"So I went far south,I crossed the boardersand I crossed Oceans, and rivers, and mountains and fields"

"And I certainly felt a lot better hanging around with pretty odd guys, and "wackos", while I was writing and playng music"

"What started with blues and rock music became much more a fast grewing folk-rock music purpose"

"I was most certainly listening to music from guys like Woody Guthrie, Hank Williams, Gram Parsons,and Bob Dylan"

"And I really understood that they were outstanding,and that they really had a profound message in their songs and lyrics"

"it was all true and profound poetry"

"And I though that I really wanted to play that kind of music"

"Music is a lot more a matter of listening than playing"

"Picture from a beach, far up North, Sweden, sterlen,where I've got some family, and where I used to restore my soul, and write songs, by running and walking on this beach, the shore and this coastline, where I lost my loved and dear brother Robert William Isander 6 years ago, in 2002, in an accident, in the Ocean, by this beach, he was a strong person and an outstanding musician, guitarplayer and songwriter, but that day in the summer, 2002, in August, the Ocean was stronger...."

And that summer,while running on the beach,and while doing some surfing...I wrote the song "It's all written in the sand"....which is a tribute for my brother Robert,born 1954,in Stockholm,Sdermalm,Sweden."

"And my words to my brotehr Robert will always remain...."While my hands no longer voice is still a fade away...."

*(Songs will appear on this site in a near future,Seth Daniel

*(And they are all called "Songs For Tibet",from the next tour and record,called "Songs For Tibet")

Seth Daniel Isander, France, 2008.

"My Bouhddist-Master, Guesche Tenzin, he's my guide and soul-mate and "brother" in my life"

"Ever since I got converted in to Bouhddism"...!

"Tenzin left Tibet at the age of 5, in the early 50-ies,and crossed the Himalaya, by walking and climbing during 5 months, and he finally arrived
in Nepal, and India......"There were certainly no....short cuts......"

"Tenzin was then a Tibetan Bouhddist-Monk, and became a Lama, and then a Guesche"

....."After several retreats in India and in Thailand, I really figured out that a life as a Bouddist Monk is not all that easy....!
.....But I'm still doing them, nothing could stop me......!)

Seth Daniel Isander-Wahlberg. France 2008

"Chez moi, en Provence, hiver - 2005", en face des iles Pourquerolles"

Seth Daniel Isander-Wahlberg

"Bland oknda ar i sdra Thailand,Krabi Province,Februari-2005."

...."Under mina regelbundna besk till dessa ar i sdra Thailand,sedan ca 20 r,har jag blivit alltmer medveten om hur viktigt det r att vi alla vrnar om vr vackra planet,om dess flora o fauna,och kultur....."

"....Alltfr mnga av dessa skra korall-ar i sdra Thailand har frstrts av exploitering,jet-ski,"Fast-speed-boats", folket drabbar vra eko-system snabbt och drastiskt...."

"Ett dramatiskt exempel blev Koh Phi Phi i sdra Thailand......vid mitt frsta besk till Koh Phi Phi,fr ca 20 r sedan,s fanns inga hotell,endast enkla hyddor o bungalows att hyra av den lokala befolkningen, korall-reven var intakta och levande....."

"Denna bild visar en av alla dessa ar,oknd ,sdra Thailand,Krabi Province,Februari-2005,orrd och bevarad,det r vrt gemensamma ansvar att vrna om vr vackra planet Jorden"......

Seth Daniel Isander-Wahlberg, France

"Railey Island, Krabi Provence, Thailand, winter-2005"

"An island in the Krabi Province, south-west Thailand, and a child from the hills....."
February-2005, 1 month after the Tsunami

"It's all written in the sand......"

Seth Daniel Isander-Wahlberg


"Kropp att knnas vid"

Sng o text av Seth Daniel Isander-Wahlberg, Paris, 2005. Publicerad av Valter Isander, 2008.
All rights reserved by the
LA SACEM, France, 2005

"Jag sker..mig....en hand
  jag sker...mig...en vn...

Jag sker.. mig... en famn...
En hand...att hlla i...ibland...

En kropp att kannas vid
En stund att njuta av
Kropp att knnas vid
Stund att njuta av.....

En tid har gtt
Jag ldre nu...n d...

Om gud r god...ikvll..
Om gud vill mig vl...

Men Bouddha....skyddar mig...i natt...
O jungfru...Maria.... snll....

S finner jag...min vg...
O svaga kropp...o sjl...

S finner jag...vgen...till dig...
O natten knns...s svr..i natt...

En kropp att knnas vid...
En stund att njuta av...
En kropp att knnas vid
En stund att njuta av....
Kropp att knnas vid....
Kropp att knnas vid....



Sng o text av Seth Daniel Isander-Wahlberg, Paris, 2005.
Publicerad av Valter Isander, all rights protected by the
LA SACEM, France, 2005

"Jag vandrar lngs med franska boulevarder
  O bland ljuskygga bulvaner

Under kastanjer o Paris-Plataner
Jag r ensam o stark....ute o nattvandrar

Stegen leder mot nrmsta caf
Hav dricker sitt vin....vill helst va i fr

Fr han vill leva
leva sitt liv
Leva leva sitt liv
Leva Leva Leva Leva

Nojorna en rastls rebell
I frn fjrran stern ropar man hans namn

O i skuggan utav...ett frflutet Montparnasse
O i dimman i frn...ett allra sista rus....

O i drmmarna frn....en frtappad sjl
Trevar han sig fram....till....Ntre Dame...

Fr han vill leva
Leva sitt liv
Leva leva sitt liv
Leva leva sitt liv

Leva Leavaaaa.......




Jag vntar vid...

Rue Daguerre, 14:e arr,
20 December-2008..
..hela Rue Daguerre r
serverat till er ankomst Valter o Ann!

S et F.




Street corner "rue d'Alsia" et "rue des Plantes".
Our mean corner with all the shops I need.

hej dear Valter
I hope you slept well after your dinner party !!
just some pictures
....more.... about Christmas atmosphre in Paris.
gros bisous de Franoise

Bild av vran Jul-Gran!


Seth et Franoise......!



"Oilers Caf" - "The Clan" -1982

"Oilers Caf" ("The Clan") Sommar-Turn,1982, Visby, Gotland,"Summer tour, 1982, Visby, Gotland, Sweden.
From the left; Robert William Isander, guitar and song, in the middle, Robert Pukitis, baseguitar and song, behind, Ralph, drums
and on to the right; Seth Daniel Isander-Wahlberg, Guitar and song, and behind, the sound-engineers.


"Picture taken in Los Angeles, Santa Monika,USA, and song and lyrics
written in Los Angeles, Santa Monica,USA, by Seth Daniel
Isander-Wahlberg, 1997"

Published by Valter Isander 2008

* All rights reserved by the Sacem, France*



"Does it means war"

There's a fire in the house where I live
There's a fire in the streets where I walk
There's a fire in my bleeding heart
There's a desire burning in my soul

Why must people fight about what's wrong or right
When they can live in peace and talk

Does it means war....
Does it means war....

When all these hard times are over
When all these sorrow's just a cover
And you think the wind has changed
As we were driving down south

Does it means war....
Does it means war....


And somerbody's trying to call somebody
And it's late in the night
Ohhh it's good to know somebody
Is there a friend somewhere out there

Does it means war....
Does it means war....

There's a desire in my heart
There's a bright light in the dark
You'll find it when you see my eyes
Looking back there in the wilderness

Does it means war....
Does it means war....


There's a fire in the house where I live
There's a fire burning in my soul
And there's a burning desire
There's a fire burning in my sorrow

Does it means war....
Does it means war....

seth isander 1997

*India,Udaiphur,Rajastan,winter-1998, January-1998.

These guys, Raga-Musicians,and friends of mine, Rajastan, India.....gave me an unlimited inspiration, as their music, called Ragas, is a creation of unlimited improvisation, and they use those magic half-tunes,with that magic sound from Rajastan,this is..."SHAKTI"..........!

* Picture taken by
Seth Daniel Isander-Wahlberg, India, Rajastan, Udaiphur....winter 1998

Plage de Jambes

" The tide is turning......"

* Picture from a Greek Island, an Island in Greece, Winter
Seth Daniel Isander-Wahlberg*


  Sur le chemin, au coucher de soleil, reflets de la ville



La Tour Eiffel


 2009 Isander